Why Digital Marketing is Important for your business

Before you understand why Digital Marketing is important for your business, you must understand the definition of Marketing and then what is Digital Marketing.

If your marketing concept is not clear, you will never understand what is digital marketing and why digital marketing plays an important role in your business.

Now.. what is marketing?

A simple definition of marketing is that it is the creation and satisfaction of demand for your product or service. If everything goes well, this demand should convert into sales and, sales convert into revenue.

In order to motivate people to pay for your product or service, or to consider your organization superior to your competitors, you need to create a truly meaningful benefit, solution, and value for your customer.

The value that a marketer should try to find that create should be equal to or even greater than the cost of the product to the consumer. Doing this consistently will grow trust and loyalty towards your brand.

What is Digital Marketing?

If marketing creates and satisfies demand, digital marketing is the creation of demand using the Internet and satisfies this demand in new and creative ways.

The Internet is an interactive medium. it allows for the exchange of value. A business on the Internet can gain value in the form of time, attention and recommendation from the consumer.

For the user, the value can be added in the form of entertainment and utility; content marketing is one powerful way to create value. The interchange of the transaction is important here – in other words, the exchange is a two-ways that provides benefit to both parties (Brand+customer) simultaneously.

Digital Marketing defined it is a forecast of conventional marketing, its tools, and strategies on the internet.

Digital Marketing is not a new marketing channel: instead, it creates a new platform for the way in which customer connect with brands and with each other.

The complete scope of marketing is practiced on the Internet – products and services are positioned and promoted, purchased, distributed and serviced. The internet provides consumers with more choice, more influence and more power in their hands.

However, marketing on the Internet doesn’t mean throwing out the old marketing book and business principles. Because the marketing strategy and business principles are all the same. Instead, the Internet provides a new environment in which to build on these, the internet does not change any rules of Business.

You still need thinking, strategy and time to sell your product or service, Whatever marketing style you choose, if your product is not good, your product will never sell, You choose Digital marketing does not mean you will become Over Night Millionnaire.

Digital Marketing

Brands build trust among users who actually love their products or services. More than any other type of marketing, digital marketing is quantifiable.


Why Digital Marketing is Important for Business?

Now we live in a Digital Era, in a few decades ago marketing medium was tv, boards, handbill… And truth, to be honest, it’s costly. If you have limited money for marketing you cant affords all those things, in 90s time marketing was expensive, suppose you take wrong decision in your marketing strategy, then you can’t change it, but in digital marketing, it’s totally in your control. You change your marketing campaign immediately.


how digital marketing helps you?

1. Branding

Digital Marketing is a great opportunity to build your brand name globally. Your customer is now
all over the world if you live in Kolkata, but you can sell your product in the USA.

Take another example. Suppose you doing business in India, but in India, there is no market for you, you can sell and promote your business in western countries, without digital marketing, it is not possible.

2) Completeness

Functionality. Digital marketing offers a simple and user-friendly platform. You can customize your advertising for a different type of people. And you will also understand what customer think about product or service.

3) Interactivity

You can build a long term relationship with your customer, and therefore you can build a positive brand experience with your potential customer. Interactivity like product assessment, or all-around experience.

4) Visual Communication

In digital marketing, you can communicate with image-audio-video tools. Biologically it is a very attractive way to reach your customer that can lead to valuable engagement.

5) Applicable Advertising

You can create easy segmentation and perfect customization of advertising for your different type of customer on the internet for maximizing your output. Now you are free from costly, limited others media adverting. This Digital atmosphere has allowed for more creative, attractive, beautiful advertising.

6) Build a Community

you can build your community with your loyal, potential customer. Like facebook page community, you can share coupons, discount with your loyal customer, and show people how much you care about your
customer, you can build more trust with your customer. And this community also help to improve your service or product.

7) Viral Marketing

According to TRI ( telecom regulatory authority) in India, 250million people are using the internet, The number has increased 9-25% in 2018.

Just think about it, how much people are continuously using the internet daily.

If you create something meaningful, your brand will viral overnight. The Internet has a true potential to make your brand viral.

8) Measuring output

You can always track your output, you can measure your weak point and then you can build a perfect strategy for output.

Digital Marketing

To make all possibilities, your company must follow some good strategy and concrete goal, without proper planning and strategy on the internet, you are not only missing opportunity in terms of resource and true potential, but also you can create a negative impact on your brand, your single wrong decision kill your brand image overnight.

Example: Remember Tata Nano car? Nano is not a very inadequate quality car, but people create a negative impact on Nano. That’s why Nano cannot make a good brand image.

If your knowledge is limited Before you put your brand on the internet you must consult a Digital marketing agency or expert who can offer you their professional opinion after conducting a detailed analysis.

Content Writer: Indradip Ghosh

Graphics Creator: Amit Kumar


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