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Do You Know? 70% Google user never go the second page.  So, now you may understand the importance of google’s First Page.

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Our SEO Process

websiteSite speed

Step #1 –  Technical SEO Audit


We audit to ensure that your website is optimized for SEO or not. This includes:

📈 We find out how to improve your website’s load speed.

🥇We audit all your web pages and make sure that they meet SEO best practices.

✍🏻 We make sure that there are no duplicate pages on your website.

Step #2 –  Content Audit


We extract and analyze all the content and data of your website using Screaming Frog and URL Profiler.

📈 We make sure that all your pages are optimized for Google or not.

🥇 We ensure that all the content on your website is of very high quality.

… and more.

content audit

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semrush keyword research

Step #3 –  Keyword Research


We do the keyword search and discover 100-200+ possible keywords and phrases to target for your industry. This usually entails:

📈 Utilizing SEMrush to steal ideas from the Competition

🥇 Utilizing Keyword Planner and UberSuggest to Think of new keyword notions

✍🏻 Prioritizing key words by possible for conversion, search volume, and problem

After that, we use the keyword sheet to keep track of content surgeries.

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Step #4 – Content Creation


On a continuous basis, we create—top-quality content to your own blog. Our content production procedure entails…

  1. We look at what your opponents have composed, steal some of their ideas, and intention to make Something that’s 2x – 5x better.
  2. We use Reddit and Quora to do some basic research on what, specifically, people want to know about a given topic (and integrate it in the article)
  3. We produce an in-detail article that will be much better than anything previously released. We optimize it for SEO using Yoast, incorporating relevant graphics.
Content creation
link building

Step #5 – Link Building


Every month, we do link-building for the top content of your website.

RDS link-building process includes…

  • Selecting the articles or pages to perform link-building
  • Using SEMrush and Google to locate all web pages will add value to your content
  • Applying tools to locate the prospect’s mails.
  • Sending a personalized email to each of the prospects.

Step #6 – Ongoing Tracking & Improvement


We constantly monitor your website and SEO, making changes or improvements when needed. This includes

  • Improving CTR rates by optimizing your titles and headings
  • Disavowing poor backlinks
  • Improving content when required
  • Assisting you to optimize your conversion rates

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