9 Easy Way To Promote Your Boutique Facebook Page Without Investing Money in Ads

Are you thinking of investing your hard-earned money to promote your boutique Facebook page? But if you follow my list of 9 easy ways to promote your boutique Facebook page without investing money in ads then you won’t have to spend as much as you’re thinking.

1. Use Model or Mannequin.

I saw many boutique Facebook pages that work really hard but always make the same mistake.

Their focus is only on selling their product. Selling is fine, but doing the same thing all the time would be annoying.

If you really want to learn “How to sell your product?” Then I recommend you to watch Naptol TV/YouTube channel. 

Yeah, I know their budget is high but at least you afford low budget model or a mannequin.

Try to showcase your product, tell them the advantages, show the trending style, show them the top collection and let them decide to choose.

2. Change your Facebook Username

Username plays a very important role in terms of organic traffic and branding. It will boost your traffic in the long term.

Suppose your page name is ‘Radha Boutique’ then your page username must be Radha boutique, not radha1234, RadhaSingh or any irrelevant name. 

Because it directly affects your Facebook page URL.

Which URL do you think is correct? 

This is why you should choose a username according to the name of your Facebook page.

3. Decorate your Facebook page about section

Don’t think that I am going to tell you to decorate your page by inserting some flowers photo.

I am going to tell you to write deep information about your boutique. Yes, you can write everything, such as your information, pricing details, addresses, what type of product you are working on and everything you are working on.

Don’t write an ultra short description or irrelevant things.

It will help you in a different way-

  • Helps you in organic traffic
  • Helps your customer to get in details information about your boutique
  • Help you to build credibility
  • Trust is instilled in your customer’s mind

4. Try to get Reviews

Have you ever purchase something online without checking their user reviews?

facebook reviews

90% of the answers will be ‘NO’. 

So why don’t you collect reviews on your Facebook page by your existing clients?

Send them your page review URL and ask your existing customer to write reviews.

Your URL will look like this…


You can check my Facebook page review as well https://www.facebook.com/reliabledigitalservice/reviews

5. Hide your own face from display picture

In the initial stage, the boutique owner set their own face image on page profile/display picture.

That looks unprofessional.

Always use your brand icon or other relevant picture as your page display/profile picture.

6. Post engaging videos

Posting picture constantly is fine but posting engaging videos is a plus point.

This does not mean that you started selling in videos again. You should give useful information to your audience.


Focus on “How to” types videos, like how to wear this, how to use this and all you want to show and give them the option to they can buy these items from here.

7. Collaboration within the niche market

Try to collaborate within the niche market will help your page to get a real-time boost.

But don’t collaborate with another boutique owner. Collaborate with supportive product market owner.

For example, If I am a Website Developer then I collab with a graphic designer, content writer. 

It will help you to gain your follower’s list and gives you profit in the long run.

8. Offer only for limited customers

Provide offers during live video and the offer should apply only 3 or 4 hours, or if someone buys within 15 minutes, give them a huge discount.

Intending of buying is high during that time. 

It will help you to generate more customer in less time, and if your product quality is good they may become your regular customer.

And we all know the power of mouth-to-mouth marketing. This marketing technique will boost your business quickly.

9. Don’t show all products in a single video

We are human and human easily got confused.

Suppose you’re hungry and your Mom brings 7 or 9 items in front of you and you want all the food but didn’t have the capacity to consume all. 

Like foods, your customer also gets confused if they see many items.

So, always show the maximum 5 product in a single video and all 5 product should be from the same category.

It will help the customer to choose the best item without distracting.

Bonus 01: Hashtags or Paid Ads

If you think that hashtag will help you to boost your Facebook pages like Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin then you are wrong.

Using a hashtag in Facebook will not give you that much boost. So, I prefer to run ads.

Bonus 02: Which ads will perform better

Focus on videos. Videos will give better result than anything else.

Create a piece of informational “How to” category video and run video views ad.

Don’t force them to like your page or redirecting them to your website.

Let them decide after watching the video. If your content is worthy they will surely come to your page to see some more content like that and if they find useful they will follow your page.

If not? Then it’s time to change something and make your content more engaging.

If you want me to run your ads the contact us.

If you want me to develop a professional-looking website for your boutique then contact us.



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